Code Red takes on Ragging
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  • February 18, 2015
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Tonight in Code red we will focus on the grave issue of ragging in school and colleges and how it affects lives of innocent students. In this episode we will see how this fun activity harassed and affected one such life severely


 Ragging- initially introduced as a fun activity for the seniors to gel up with the fresher and welcome them to college. But for Shikha, the welcome was clubbed with harassment and dilemma. With her only true friend Vicky by her side, Shikha refused to give into the seniors ragging. However, she was further suppressed by her seniors and a miserable Shikha called up Life 24×7 and challenged them to save her from taking her own life.

Dr Bhaskar takes up the challenge and gets on a mission to get Shikha out of her delusional fears and discover who really is by her side and who is not.

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