Climbing high with hopes #MissionSapne
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Twenty four-year-old Ram Lal Sharma climbed Mount Everest and brought name and fame to our country. Sadly, this celebration and jubilation was quite short-lived. Once he came back from his mountaineering experience it was a difficult world out there and he could not find any job to survive. Colors Mission Sapne chose to help this youngster who now sells vegetables to make ends meet. And guess who stepped in to volunteer?  The young and sensational actor Siddarth Malhotra decided to sell vegetables and earn money for him. He managed to earned Rs 3,390 in a day and the channel multiplied this amount by 100 times and raised hopes for the braveheart.
Ram Lal was not only amazed by the channel’s initiative to help him but also appreciated Siddarth Malhotra’s efforts, for he came ahead to sell vegetables on his behalf for a day. “A Bollywood star taking my role for a day has to feel amazing!” Ram Lal told us.
Ram Lal’s family and friends felt overwhelemed too. However, they could not make it to the show due to Ram Lal’s father’s deteriorating health “Colors invited my parents for the show amidst big Bollywood stars like Sidharth Malhotra and Sonali Bendre and that was a very nice gesture! This really motivated us,” Ram Lal added.
Siddarth’s dedication impressed people around, who flocked to add their bit to the cause. “Sidharth did a great job. I liked it best when he actually sold the vegetables like a professional vegetable vendor. The very fact that Sidharth took the effort of being a vegetable vendor for a day and helped me was enough to cherish for the rest of my life!” Ram Lal explained.
With the help of Colors Mission Sapne, Ram Lal’s hopes are up again. Now, he plans to complete the Seven Summit Yatra. “When he promised me that he will fulfill my dream by supporting me financially, it made me believe in my dreams. After Mt. Everest, I want to now complete the Seven Summit Yatra,” shared Ram Lal.
With the monetary help provided by Mission Sapne and Colors, Ram Lal has been able to clear his loans. “I had taken a lot of loan from people, which I have now cleared. Also, my dad, was not in a good health is now getting better. All thanks to Colors and Sidharth Malhotra's combined effort,” he said with a smile.

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