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Yug Pratap Singh is one of the most respectable names in the city. Known to be the face of a Mumbai’s renowned Construction Business, Yug is touted as a workaholic. He however is known for a coup le of other adjectives like Business Machine, Slave driver, Heartless et cetera. These names in any case do not affect him whatsoever. It is said that once Yug sets his heart on something, he drives it from start to utmost sincerity and passion.

Apart from this, there’s one super interesting fact about Yug. HE MAKES A PIANO! Whenever Yug isn’t at work, he is found at his workshop which is attached to his room, working on a Piano. He very patiently works on every part of the Piano from scratch – from sourcing the best wood to giving it a flawless shape, Yug does it all. Not only this, he also carves the piano to perfection. It takes him a year to complete this masterpiece of his. But al this only for one special day. Wait for it. We’re not going to reveal that to you already.



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