Classroom se leke romance tak, sab kuch!

Classroom se leke romance tak, sab kuch!

It's yet another interesting day in the Bigg Boss 13 house where the housemates will be asked to participate in the BB Classroom task. In this classroom, each contestant will teach one subject each to the classmates. Shehnaz Kaur Gill being the English teacher makes it a point to make her classmates laugh out loud. The professor is supposed to give lectures to his/her classmates and the best student receives an apple from the professor. Sidharth, who is the dance teacher makes the classmates dance to beats of songs that make you want to dance too. Later, in this classroom, an argument breaks out between Vishal and Bhau. Accusations of being the naarad muni and being sly are rife!



Going forward, Sidharth speaks to Rashami about the breakfast she made for him. With sabzi left from the previous night and Rashmi lying about not using the same, we see a cheesed off Sidharth. With Paras and Mahira sitting on the table, this becomes a topic of discussion.



Lastly, Himanshi and Asim are seen speaking to each other and sharing sweet nothings. With the entire house speaking about Asim’s liking towards Himanshi, what does this conversation between them lead to?




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