Chor-Police task gets personal! BB7 Day 66 Synopsis
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The episode kicks off showcasing the previous night where the four contestants playing thieves are desperately trying to steal the briefcase that Sangram is trying to protect by staying awake through the night. As a last resort for the night, Ajaz breaks out of jail and runs towards the briefcase. Upon seeing this, Armaan panics and runs towards Ajaz catching him and placing him back in jail just before he grabbed the briefcase.

As sunlight creeps in and the wake up song is played, Ajaz enthusiastically steps out of jail and attempts to grab the briefcase – only to be stopped once again by Gauahar who plonks him back behind bars. Getting frustrated on beign confined to the prison, Ajaz starts whining and professes his wish to quit the task. At the same time, Andy and Tanishaa attempt to lift the briefcase. However, in the process, Andy gets hurt and he leaves the garden area in irritation.BB7 Day 66 Synopsis


After some time, Andy and Tanishaa discuss the robbery of Gauahar’s mug and state that Sofia’s antics of trying to distract Sangram were uncalled for. In the garden area, an annoyed Ajaz says that the luxury budget task should be looked at as an eye-opener because it makes the contestants realize who their true friends are because the housemates inadvertently give more priority to the task. Sangram agrees to his views. When Armaan ventures into the garden area, Ajaz conveys to him that he is willing to quit the task and follow Armaan’s orders if he is released from jail. Looking at this positively, Armaan grants Ajaz his freedom. With the Chor team down to 3 members, Andy soon finds himself arrested on the basis of a doubt about some missing footwear. While surrendering, he quietly asks Sofia to steal as many of the cops’ belongings as she can. In order to ensure that she meets expectations, Sofia tries to provoke Armaan by calling him a ‘User’. Hearing this, Armaan gets upset and asks her to remain quiet. However, Sofia continues and Armaan reacts to her by calling himself a good game player. With the aim to have the last word in the argument, Sofia tells Armaan to stop using his fellow contestants to win not only the task, but also the Bigg Boss game. 

Moving on from Armaan, Sofia targets Gauahar and steals her jacket. Getting angry, Gauahar tells Sofia that she has lost her self-discipline and etiquettes after entering the Bigg Boss house. As the Chor-Police task draws to a close, Bigg Boss introduces an additional secret task for the ‘Chor’ team. BB7 Day 66 Synopsis

Bigg Boss calls Kamya to the Confession Room and, with reference to the task, gives her some cue cards along with two trays that are labeled ‘Return’ and ‘Give Away’. Each cue card has the names of the items that were stolen during the course of the task by Andy, Sofia, Tanishaa and Ajaz. Kamya is asked to read out the names on the cue cards to these four ‘chor’ contestants who then divide them between the two trays after arriving at a mutual consensus. As all the items are personal belongings of four ‘police’ contestants, it is quite tough for Andy, Sofia, Tanisha and Ajaz to arrive at a decision. However, after much contemplation, they decide to give away Elli’s lip gloss, Armaan’s towel, and Gauahar’s photo frame along with a white coffee mug to earn an additional 1000 points.

As the sun was the setting, the Wishing Wall lights turn on giving the contestants an opportunity to make a wish that they would like to see fulfilled on that day. Taking advantage of this, Andy asks for not one but three things: a phone call to his brother, 20 burgers and Gauahar’s white mug that was given away as a part of their luxury budget task; and to his surprise, his wish is granted. However, given that Andy has made three different wishes, Bigg Boss asks the other housemates to decide which one should be granted. Within the blink of an eye, a decision is made and the contestants inform Bigg Boss that they want Andy to speak to his brother. But according to the rules of the wishing wall, the contestants will need to sacrifice something to ensure that Andy’s wish is fulfilled. So, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to place all the plates in the storeroom following which Andy’s wish will be granted.BB7 Day 66 Synopsis

Once again, without giving it a second thought, all the housemates run to the kitchen and start stacking the plates after which they rush to the storeroom and place there them. Excited to see this, Andy starts dancing with excitement and eagerly waits to hear his brother’s voice. Later, while the housemates are eating dinner, Andy is overjoyed to hear his brother’s voice. With the plates out of the house, and Gauahar’s mug in Bigg Boss’ possession, the contestants are bound to soon lose their patience and start with the blame game. Who will be their target? 

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