Chor-police in Bigg Boss
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  • December 17, 2012
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Bigg Boss by now can be titled as the most twisted and unpredictable house ever. This time around the housemates got a task called – 'Chor, Police aur Aam Aadmi'. Niketan and Sapna were the assigned chors and Urvashi was the cop. There was a jail placed in the garden area for the police to capture the thieves. Sapna was caught almost instantly after the task was launched. Urvashi locked her up as she had caught her red handed. Sapna's partner in crime Niketan came outside to rescue her. While Urvashi was present Niketan took the keys kept on the cops' table and handed it over to Sapna swiftly. Sapna and Niketan couldn't stop laughing. Soon, Urvashi went inside the washroom for a bit. Niketan and Sapna made the most of their opportunity as Niketan helped Sapna sneak out of the jail. Sapna and Niketan ran inside the bedroom and pretended to hide. Urvashi came out of the washroom and headed straight to the room and took Sapna back to the prison. A sporting Sapna walked back with her and went into the jail without any complaints. Niketan was arguing with Urvashi to let his partner go as it was very sunny but Urvashi showed no mercy and locked Sapna inside. Well, be it friends or foes, the housemates surely know to take their tasks seriously. 


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