Chopras’ a Happy Family Again! (Recap- Dec 5th -11th)
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After Siddhi supports Kunal in the court, Abhay theratens her and Kunal sees all that happening, Last week began with both Kunal and Siddhi thinking about the conversation that took place between them. Even both Anand's have a conversation about how badly they want to stay with each other. Both of them go to their respective parents and strike a highly confidential conversation.

They tell Kunal and Siddhi that how they need to live together like one happy family. Both Siddhi and Kunal deny and say its not possible as Siddhi is now married while Anand taunts his father saying that the reason could be his father's ego as well!Siddhi warns Anand not to mention this in front of Abhay or else he will get mad but Anand shrugs that argument off and says he doesn't care about anything but want to be with his own family!

Both Anands refuse to eat till their family reunites which gets Siddhi and Kunal in another Dilemma.

Later in the day, Kunal once again bumps into Thakral and gives him a funny one- “Itne khush mat ho Thakral Sahab, Khushi se bhi heart-attack aata hai!” Suddenly Richa comes and tells Kunal that she supports him! (It's confirmed that she is madly in love with Kunal!) Kunal gives another sarcastic reaction; Walks up to her, raises his hand, Richa hides her face thinking he is about to slap her, Kunal smiles at her mischieviously and walks off.

On the Other hand, Sulekha at Diwan masion finds a letter while Seema the other at Chopra House. Both Kunal and Sisshi are shocked to read the respective letters. The Anands leave the house because they think their father loves his ego and Mother her life more than them. Kunal reached at Abahy's house and enquires about Siddhi's Anand. He them blames and accuses Siddhi for his missing sons.

Meanwhile, hungy and tired, both the Anands reach up to a food stall with out any money. Younger Anand then takes out his credit cared to pay but the stall owner refuses. The brothers are then surrounded by a group of guys who cajole them to a big restaurant with credit card facility. Older Anand senses something wrong and warns his brother, who refuses to listen to him.

After somethime, Seema gets a call from nand who says that they have been abducted by a dangerous group of poeple and the line gets disconnected. Kunal, Abhay and Siddhi after learning this go out looking for their kids and reach the place. But, both the Anads on the other hand decide to run away from the place where they were kidnapped, rather than calling their parents who will separate them because they didnt agree to their terms of staying together. (Wise thought???)

Kunal, Siddhi and Abhay then file a complained for their missing sons and start balming each other again. Police Inspector tell them that if the parents are such, the kids are bound to leave them and go. Next day Veena blames Kunal for everything as he was the one who did not agree to his sons terms and conditions.

At the same time in the Diwan's Masion, Sulekha anxiously inquires about Anand and Siddhi tells her that she shouldn't get worried as she was the one who forced Siddhi into this marriage leaving Anand and her both longing for Kunal. To which, Sulekha says that Siddhi should be blamed for all this as she couldn't belong to either of the men in her life.

Next day in the court, Thakral threatens Kunal that the case would go against him till he gets his kids. Abhay on the other side is thrilled to know that the case will be in his favour just when he sees Kunal coming to the court with his family. But Thakral assures him that Abhay should start celebarting!

Thakral presents few proofs and witnesses against Kunal's incapability to bear the educational and medical expenses of his son and prooves him to be a bad parent. He also goes on to accuse him for having a bad temper and the reason Siddhi left him. Not Only this but also accuse him for getting his sons kidnapped. Siddhi reacts saying this is not true!


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