Chhaya’s life in danger once again, will Shani be able to save her this time from Sanghya?
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We recently saw how Shani has been over protective about his pregnant mother, Chhaya. Shani can sense the danger around his mother and also knows Sanghya’s intentions aren’t good once again.




In the coming episodes we will see how Sanghya will control Chhaya through the thread on her wrist and pull her towards her space. Sanghya will only aim to kill both the mother and the child. Chhaya would eventually fall into the pit and scream for help. Shani with the help of Hanuman would run to help his Chhaya but by the time Shani would reach Chhaya would eventually fall into the Halahal, into the pit. When Shani would jump into it a huge blast would throw him back from the pit. Mahadev would come to Chhaya’s rescue.




It would be interesting to see what would be the verdict towards Sanghya after all of this.

During the event Kaakol would notice the baby in Chhaya’s stomach has absorbed the blue color. Everyone including Mahadev would get shocked at this. Taking the blue energy in her hand Chhaya would whisper in Shani’s ear to protect the energy, and Shani would be seen confused at this.




Mahadev and Indra would warn Suryadev that the energy would destroy everything and the cosmos would have to bear the repercussions, but Suryadev would pay no heed to all of this and continue with the celebration in the Suryalok.




During the naamkaran (naming the child) ceremony of the baby something strange will happen that will totally surprise everyone.

What exactly happens? Wouldn’t you want to know?

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