Chhaya and Sanghya’s secret on the verge of getting revealed on ‘Shani’
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  • February 1, 2017
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We saw last night how Chhaya warns Sanghya that she should never ever reveal Shani that his real mother is no more or where has she gone, she also tells her that Shani should never know that Sanghya is not her real mother. Chhaya destroys herself after this.





Chhaya is gone by the time Shani arrives, he sees Sanghya and gets a relief that his mother is okay. During the sabha Indra asks Sanghya in front of everyone if she was kidnapped by him, Shani asks her to tell all the truth without worrying. Sanghya says the Devraj Indra didn’t kidnap her and everyone feels shocked.

Sanghya is asked to tell the truth in front of everyone by taking oath on both her sons.

What will happen after this? Will the secret be revealed about Chhaya and Sanghya?

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