Checkout the seven keeda full Challenges posed by Arjun on week 8
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Just one week left to go for the semi-finale round and the contestants proved this week that they were willing to put their best foot forward to win the coveted prize. Here is a list of 7 keeda full challenges that Arjun posed for the Khiladis on week 8 of Khatron Ke Khiladi-7.



Rolling Action: The first stunt of week eight was the rolling action stunt which was performed by Raghav, Vivan and Mahhi. A huge rolling drum with a net running along its circumference was placed on top a swimming pool, and each one of the khiladis had to grab onto the net and move along it. The stunt required the contestants to jump and pluck the flag from a rod placed above the drum whenever they came above water. The twist in the game was that, the contestant could only pluck one flag at a time and with each consecutive flag, the speed of the drum increased. The total time given for the stunt was five minutes. Vivan managed to remove one flag but aborted the stunt mid way, so did Raghav who plucked two flags and Mahhi opted out of the stunt as she was too scared of water. This was the first time that all the three contestants aborted the stunt mid-way. Raghav saved himself from the fear fanda as he managed to acquire two flags for himself.



Pak Pak Pak Pakao:The next stunt was between Mukti, Sana and Parvathy. The stunt required each of the contestants to lie down inside a pen with their hands and legs tied up with hen feed spread across their bodies. Hens were later let loose inside the pen for the feed and the khiladis had to endure the pain, while the hens pecked away on the food. A buzzer which was placed just below the head of the contestants ensured that the khiladis kept their heads raised and away from it to avoid the buzzer from getting pressed. Mukti and Sana won the stunt as they were able to stay inside the pen for the longest time. While Mukti stayed for a whole 25 minutes, Sana stayed for 19 minutes 14 seconds and Parvathy for 18 minutes 22 seconds.



Breathless: As the name suggests, this stunt was meant to check the ability of each of the contestants to hold their breath under water. A pool which was divided into three levels had glow sticks kept on each level. The khiladis were to go into the levels one at a time and get the glow sticks back to the surface. The entry point and exit points for each level was different. Mahhi went first followed by Tanishaa and Vivan. Mahhi aborted the stunt at the beginning of it because of her fear of water, while Tanishaa managed to get back one glow stick and Vivan two. Vivan and Tanishaa got saved from the elimination round.



Elimination Stunt: Mahhi and Parvathy went up against each other in the elimination round. In this stunt, the contestants had to drive onto a ramp and knock down the flags. There were two ramps with flags mounted on both sides, and the contestants were given three tries on each ramp to knock off the flags. The one to knock the maximum number of flags got saved from the elimination round. Parvathy who went up first knocked three while Mahii knocked only two. Mahii got eliminated in this round.



Mid-air stunt: The stunt which was to be performed mid-air had the contestants locked up inside a box suspended from a helicopter mid-air. Each of the contestants had to open the three locks with the four keys given while swinging in mid-air. Tanishaa went first followed by Mukti and Jay. Jay got injured while performing the stunt but completed it in 1 minute 38 seconds. Tanishaa beat Mukti be 1 second by completing the stunt in 58 seconds.



Chal Chal Meri Rampyaari: As exciting as the name sounds, the stunt in reality was way better than it. The contestants were required to drive a car behind a huge truck and then steer the car in such a manner so that they could fit the car in the empty area below the truck. As soon as the car interlocked with the truck, the contestant then had to climb out of the car, into the trunk and from the back door step outside the truck onto a platform. The platform on the truck had five flags mounted on top of it, and the contestants had to balance on the platform and pluck out the flags one at a time. Vivian went first followed by Sidharth. While Vivian completed the stunt in 51 seconds, Sidharth finished it in 55 seconds. Vivian beat Sidharth by 4 seconds.


Bang Bang : As the name suggests, this stunt was inspired from the movie ‘Bang Bang’. Khiladis had to hold onto a rope tied to a speed boat and whilst the boat rode at different speeds and in different directions, the contestants had to hold onto the rope without falling. The one to hold onto the rope for the longest time won the task. Vivan, Sana, Parvathy and Raghav performed the stunt. Parvathy held onto the rope for 22 seconds, Sana-35 seconds, Raghav-37 seconds and Vivan held on for 38 seconds, thus winning the stunt.

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