Check Out These Heart-Melting Moments Of Chakor And Imli #Udann
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Udann is a story of a little village girl with big dreams and who has an undying spirit and dreams to fly and touch the sky. But, Chakor’s real strength is her little sister Imli who gives her the push to be stronger and responsible to achieve her goals. Here are some reasons why we think Imli is the best little sister Chakor could ever have.

1.) Faithful Sisters:




Imli's blind faith on Chakor is extremely strong. It makes Chakor feel motivated and feels responsible because her younger sister makes her feel like a hero every time she is in trouble.

2.) Pillar Of Strength And Support:



Imli and Chakor share an amazing bond as sisters which is an inspiration and a lesson of learning, how they always stick by each other in every situation. Imli and Chakor are each other’s strength. When Suraj and gang had humiliated Imli, Chakor was forced to pick up the stone in order to protect her sister.

3.) Secret Keeper And Trustworthy:  




Having a little sister is a blessing when it is someone like Imli. Chakor has always been able to trust Chakor and the same goes for Imli. Both never break each other's trust and believe in each other no matter what the others have to say.

4.) Capacity Of Joy And Love:



This is one of the most adorable things about Imli and Chakor that would melt a lot of hearts. The capacity of love and joy these two share it is always enough for both of them. Their happiness is immeasurable and that makes Imli and Chakor the best sisters ever!

5.) Sacrifice:



Many of us wouldn’t have noticed but the amount of sacrifice these two sisters do for each other’s happiness is unaccountable. The most interesting thing is that nobody has taught them or told them to sacrifice for each other but, it is so natural for both Imli and Chakor. Also, the sacrifices they make for each other are heart-touching and they don’t keep a count of the things they do for each other!

Well, the undying love and the joy Imli and Chakor share with all of us in their little way is truly inspirational. If you have a sibling please share your favorite things about him or her with us in the comments below.

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