Character of Jwala Devi is larger than life: Amita Khopkar
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How did you get the character of Jwala Devi?
For long I have been doing Marathi theatre. But I didn’t know anyone in Hindi Television Industry. One year back, one of my known casting directors told me to audition for Rashmiji’s production house. I gave the audition. I got through and we shot a small piece for a show. But unfortunately, the show never came up. All this happened a year back. Then I got busy with my theatre. Few days back I got a call from Rashmiji’s office and I was again called for an audition. I didn’t want to give the audition but then I went and gave the audition for the character of Jwala Devi. And in three days I got a call to sign the contract. It all happened too quickly.
How does it feel to work for a Hindi TV show?
I am happy that I am a part of Colors and Sasural Simar Ka; I didn’t know it is such a popular show.
Tell us something about your character Jwala Devi?
I haven’t played any character like this before. It is a very different and unusual character. Second thing I feel is that the character of Jwala Devi is larger than life. For a woman to be this bold, blunt and daring there has to be something unusual that has happened to her life. So, it is interesting to play such a character. I am enjoying it.
What kind of preparations you had to do before portraying it on-screen?
Yes, this was the first thing that struck my mind when I was given this character. I was told to follow the character of Ammaji that Meghna Malik portrayed in the Naa Aana Is Desh Lado which is a similar character to Jwala Devi. So I watched few episodes of that show. We also did few workshops to define the character well.
Also as a theatre actor, I have a habit of getting into the psychology of the character. So I thought of why a woman of this age would become so bitter. It must have been some personal tragedy that had hit her so hard and as an outcome of self defense, Jwala Devi portrays herself as a lady full of aggression and power. These are the points that I keep in mind when I act Jwala Devi.
How is your bonding with the SSK team?
It’s a fun team; we spend time like a family. They are too new for me and I am too new for them still they make me feel comfortable. As of now, I am enjoying it. Jayati Bhatia also comes from theatre background and therefore we gel really well.

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