Chandrakanta: Veer will get to know Gehna’s real face behind the mask!
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  • August 30, 2017
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Last week on ‘Chandrakanta’ we saw how Chandrakanta lost her memories and Iravati made the most of this opportunity to trouble her even more.


This weekend we will see Iravati breaking all barriers to go even further in utilizing the chance and to put Chandrakanta to some more tasks that will help her get the ‘Tilismi khanjar’.






Vishakha will try by all her means to bring back Chandrakanta’s memories but will face tough situations due to Gehna coming her way. Gehna would do everything to keep Veer away from Chandrakanta.


In the meanwhile Veer will get to know the truth of Gehna and her ill intentions towards Chandrakanta. He would confront her there and then which would infuriate Gehna a lot more and she would seek to take revenge from Chandrakanta. She would call out to a beast, her own brother aiming to kill Chandrakanta.






With no memory and her life under severe threat how will Chandrakanta protect herself?


Tune into Chandrakanta Sat-Sun at 8 PM to know!

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