Chandrakanta to be held guilty for trying to poison Iravati!
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  • December 1, 2017
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This weekend on Chandrakanta we will see how Chandrakanta manages to get Veer and Swayam fight in an arena. Eventually Swayam will reveal the beast to all, but just in knick of time Iravati will come and get him run away from everyone. Chandrakanta would still go ahead and attack him but Iravati will hold her captive.





The very next moment a pig would come and save Chandrakanta and it will be revealed that it is no ordinary pig but a Prince! You need to watch the episode to know who the prince is!






Nishi on the other hand has not forgotten what Chandrakanta did to Daksh and hence she will try taking revenge from Chandrakanta for his death, another trap for Chandrakanta!





In a series of events we will also see how Chandrakanta accidently gives a poisoned prasad to Iravati and the latter is almost on the verge of dying.





Later Chandrakanta is held guilty for trying to poison Iravati. But did she do it purposely? Is this the end of Iravati?



Watch the story unfold this weekend on ‘Chandrakanta’.



Sat-Sun at 8 PM!

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