Chandrakanta gets successful in having ‘Tilismi Khanjar’ after immense struggle!
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  • October 27, 2017
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Chandrakanta fought very hard and without ever complaining kept passing through the hurdles in order to find the ‘Tilismi Khanjar’ which was given as a blessing by the heavenly deity to her family. Before dying queen Rantnaprabha (her mother)  offered it back to the almighty for its protection and prayed that her daughter finds it at the right time in future.





This weekend we will see how queen Iravati gets defeated by Chandrakanta as the latter receives the ‘Tilismi Khanjar’ right on time. Chandrakanta declares Iravati’s defeat which Iravati doesn’t accept. Iravati fumes in anger!





Although Chandrakanta gets the biggest weapon as a blessing for her lifetime protection the troubles in her life don’t end there.





In a shocking twist this weekend we will also see how a major misunderstanding creeps in between Veerendra and Chandrakanta and the former decides to leave her get married to Gehna.





At a very crucial point it’s revealed that Chandrakanta is pregnant!



With such an unexpected turn in the plot, what will be Veer’s move? Will he come back to Chandrakanta?



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