Challenge for Sooraj and Chakor?
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  • November 15, 2018
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This week on Udann Chakor and Rajjo occupy Vikram amidst a dance performance and simultaneously, Sooraj reaches the godown. Vikram is leaving from there and Chakor in the meantime keeps delaying work. Eventually, Vikram walks inside the godown where Sooraj is present too. Do Vikram and Sooraj see each other? Going forward, everyone screams bacha out loud and parallelly, we see Vikram disappearing from there too. Just then, the nurse comes and declares that the child is dead.


In a sequence going forward, Vikram gets to know that the child is dead, but he saves the doctor. He claims that someone has changed the medicines and that they need to check everybody’s house. On Sooraj’s confidence Doctor gives an antidote to Anjor and there are signs of improvement in Anjor’s health. Later, we see everyone’s house is checked and when it comes to Rajjo’s house, she closes the door. Vikram tells them that if she doesn't want us to check the house then that’s fine but he certainly want to see Rajjo’s sister’s face. What happens next? Stay tuned to Udann from Monday to Saturday at 7 pm.

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