Chakor jumps into a well on ‘Udaan’
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  • February 8, 2017
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Previously, we saw Chakor trying to desperately make the villagers see reason so they don’t do something drastic with Sooraj. Bhaiya Ji gave the villagers a choice between giving Sooraj something to eat or letting him die of hunger. The villagers chose not to help Sooraj and threw him into a well.

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The villagers reminded Chakor of all the atrocities Sooraj had committed against them and decided that it was time for him to pay for all his misdeeds and they felt justified in doing so. Chakor told them that Sooraj does not deserve this, that he is a different person now.

Kasturi stepped in and told Chakor to let it go and leave Sooraj to his fate since going against the villagers would be a bad idea as they are not thinking straight. Kasturi assured her that Sooraj will be forgiven once he realises his wrongdoings. Despite her insistence, Chakor jumped into the well.

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Are Chakor and Sooraj going to come out of this predicament safely? Will Chakor be able to make the villagers understand reason?

Tune in to Colors tonight at 8:30 PM to find out what happens next.

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