Celebs spice up Weekend ka Wow! #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 28
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After Ratan bade a tearful goodbye to the Bigg Boss house, Weekend Ka Wow With Salman Ke Saath 7 will see Salman celebrate Dassera with the audiences as he grooves to Dhol Baaje. Adding to the festivities will be the cast of War Chhodo Na Yaar – Sharman Joshi and Javed Jaffery who entered the Bigg Boss house to ease the tensions and spend some quality time with the contestants. Being the first piece of the outside world that the contestants have encountered since they entered the Bigg Boss house 4 weeks ago, the contestants were elated to see some new faces.

Javed distributing sweets


To add to the entertainment quotient, Javed Jaffery and Sharman Joshi were given a red bag consisting of various props that the contestants were urged to match to the personalities of their fellow housemates. While Andy was given a multi-coloured wig much like that of a clown, Asif was presented with a stick of butter to compliment his nickname Buttercup. However, it was Elli who was at the receiving end of many jokes as she was presented with a tubelight and a hand mirror to match with her personality.

 After bidding adieu to the contestants, Javed Jaffery and Sharman Joshi stepped out of the house with some great memories which they shared with Salman Khan. In fact, on Salman’s insistence, Javed Jaffery and Sharman Joshi provided a voiceover to the much spoken about fight between contestants Armaan Kohli and Andy. Their hilarious take on the interaction left everyone in splits and raised the humour element in the show by several notches. 

 Further, Bigg Boss invited Elli to the confession room and little did she know that her Mickey Virus co-star, Manish Paul was waiting there for her. After a brief interaction, Manish and Elli showcased their on-screen chemistry in front of Salman Khan.Manisha and Elli performing

To make the day more entertaining, contestants were urged to adopt alternative personalities and act them out. While Andy and Sangram reversed roles, Tanisha was also seen behaving like Shilpa and Pratyusha was seen acting like Kamya.

 Finally, Ratan Rajput walked onto the stage with an ice-cream surprise for all her fellow contestants still residing inside the house. Upon her exit, Ratan was given the unique opportunity to award an Angel Tag and a Devil Tag to the housemates where she chose Elli as the angel and Tanisha as the devil. After getting a glimpse into a special video that highlighted the contestants who had spoken nominated Ratan and spoken ill about her behind her back, Ratan had an argument with Kamya who seemed to be leading most of the negative conversations.Ratan post eviction

The final twist in the tale was given when the Bigg Bomb was introduced and  Ratan was given the power to select one housemate who would not only find themselves at the helm of elimination, but would also ban them from participating in the coming week’s nominations procedure. After much contemplation, Ratan took a decision – one that can only be labelled as a complete gamechanger!

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