‘Celeb’rations in the Bigg Boss House! BB-7 Synopsis Day 46
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Equations inside the house are changing and there seems to be a void since the Top 3 contenders – Kushal Tandon, Gauahar Khan, and Andy are missing. Everyone inside the house is quiet and doesn’t really have much to say. Even contestants who normally open their eyes while dancing to the wakeup song sees them rather quiet as the overall environment inside the house keeps yearning for the outside world. 

As the day progresses, Ajaz is seen chatting with Kamya and Pratyusha and bonding with them. Observing this development, Tanisha comments that Kamya always catches hold of every new guy who enters the house, to ensure that she has backup while fighting with Armaan. Inside the Caravan, Andy is very curious to know what Kamya, Pratyusha and Sangram have to say about him behind his back. And, to his luck, the Caravan’s TV comes on providing him unrestricted access to conversations and more that are going on inside the house. 

While talking to the ladies, Ajaz shares the story about his first interaction with Armaan at a club where people were running away while Armaan was standing and hitting people. 

Thursday is the day for captaincy nomination and Bigg Boss called the contestants to the confession room for nominating their ideal house captain. Some of the names that came up included Armaan and Ajaz. Once the captain for the week is nominated, Sangram takes pity on Gauahar and states that taking a stand against Kushal backfired for her, because she left the house at a time when it was evident that she would survive for long. Hearing this, Kamya gets angry and tells him not to talk ill behind their backs. Sangram tried to change his stance at this, but Kamya cut him off. 

The biggest shock for the day, however, was when Gauahar re-entered the house through the confession room. Seeing her, Kamya and Pratyusha were overjoyed and hugged her tightly. Overall, Gauahar’s re-entry earned her a warm welcome. 

The day comes to an end with a special Diwali Mela that had a beautiful ambience with colourful lanterns and much more making it a memorable Diwali experience! A shop was set up in the Garden area for the contestants to purchase sweets, clothes and jewellery. If this was not enough, ex-contestants Delnaz Irani, Rajev Paul and Vrajesh Hirjee stepped inside the house as shopkeepers thereby adding to the festivities. The contestants bought goodies and even tried bargaining on prices – in fact, even Heaven was seen diving into the merriment.

Finally, the contestants call it a night…a well-deserved quiet night after a day of togetherness and merriment. 

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