Celebrate women, celebrate everyone! Everyday!
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With two kids in tow, Tara Sharma has proven herself as a successful entrepreneur who decided to unify her parallel worlds is currently seen on Colors in ‘The Tara Sharma Show’.

Here Tara talks about the importance of International Women's Day; her advice to young female entrepreneurs; and why she believes in expression “have it all”.

Let’s rewind your career and talk about how you got where you are…

Both my parents have been associated with creative fields; as a result I had a very creative upbringing. I was great in academics and went to London Business School for higher education. And it was while working with Accenture in London that I realized, I wanted to act!

 I came to Mumbai, and got a break in Anupam Kher’s Om Jai Jagdish followed by a couple of good movies like Page 3 and Khosla Ka Ghosla before I got married. But, after I got pregnant I was torn between my kids and career. So, I said, “Why not do a show about bringing up kids?” 
Best advice that you received when starting out…
You know, nobody gets more advice than a pregnant woman. And when I was tired of listening to so many people, my doctor told me- “Listen to everyone, but do what you want to.” Another great advice that I got was from my father who said, “You must reinvent yourself.”

Can women ‘have it all’ (i.e. career and family)?
Honestly, without being gender biased, I believe if you have passion, idea, vision and will, you can do anything. For me it was just and idea to be with my kids and yet have a career and I achieved it with my dedication.

Today with the technology and the expanding digital world, one can sit at home and work. Just be patient as for working women it can take a little longer than men, but it is rewarding.
Any woman inspiration?

None in specific and everyone in general! I respect people who are self-less; working for a cause. I get inspiration from my mother, my maid. I respect everyone around me.
Biggest issue that young and ambitious mothers face today…
It’s not an issue but mismanagement. Many working women can’t balance their lives. They need to learn how to multi-task.
Has our country evolved in terms of situation of women?
Absolutely!  Education has a lot to do with it. Educate everyone. Don’t say education for a girl or a boy. Say, education for all. And the change will start from the grass-root level.
One woman who changed your life?
My mother. She gave me life!
What is the significance of Women’s day?
Everyday is everybody’s day. We should celebrate everyone, everyday!
Your thoughts on women empowerment in India
I am not a feminist. I believe in equality for all. Women need to have a choice; to choose is the biggest empowerment. Make a choice and no one can stop you. 

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