Captaincy ki daud!

Captaincy ki daud!

Punjabi beats and bhangra take over as they wake up to the song – ‘Kadke Gilasi Tere’. Failing to get some of them out of their blankets, Bigg Boss uses his signature ‘Khukadoo Koo’ to make sure the house is up and rolling. The fights over house duties continue as Shefali, Madhurima, Vishal and Aarti get into an argument over responsibilities. Just when everyone thought that love is blooming again between Madhurima and Vishal, they were shocked to see an ugly fight between the two. While Vishal confessed to having a soft corner for his ex-lady love Madhurima, she seems to be least affected. But the housemates feel otherwise because they can surely see a connect.


Continuing the Bigg Boss Post Office - the captaincy task, tonight, Asim and Mahira receive letters from home. Mahira, who wants to become the captain gives Asim his letter with an aim to win his support. However, when Asim received Mahira’s letter, he put it in the shredder which breaks Mahira’s heart. What happens next?



Paras and Sidharth have been in the secret room for 2 days now and watching the show silently. Tonight, Bigg Boss added another twist in the game and got these two decide what the contestants will do in the house as puppets. As revenge, they got Rashami to dress up in a funny fashion and do as told. From complimenting Mahira, dancing with Shehnaz and performing acts with the housemates, she did it all. Along with Rashami, Shefali Jariwala, Vikas Gupta, Asim and were next in line. Turning the game into a fun banter, Bigg Boss decides to further add challenges into the captaincy task. The ‘Kathputli’ game will now continue the next day, till then the ‘Kathputlis’ are free to live their normal contestant life in the house.



Who hails as the next captain?

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