Captaincy ki daud, ek baar phir!

Captaincy ki daud, ek baar phir!

One day after another, the conversations and scenarios only seem to get better in the house. Waking up to chaiyya chaiyya with double the energy, the housemates, as usual, try to decode what's in store for them and then go back to sleep. After repeated alarms, the houses refuse to wake up as a revolt against Bigg Boss. All of the above is for wanting the luxury budget back, especially chai. Will Bigg Boss give in to this revolt? In a given situation, later the housemates are supposed to pick contestants who must not be given the opportunity to become this week. With multiple and a variety of responses, the top ones to be named were Vishal and Rashami for stealing the pasta, a few also hold Sidharth responsible and nominate him. A major disagreement follows and contestants begin fighting again.




Going forward, the captaincy task 'BB Junction' was announced. With an elaborate setup, the housemates understood the reason for the song in the morning. In the task, each contestant was alotted a bag each with their names mentioned on them. These were then placed in the locker. Each time the buzzer would ring, the contestants had to rush to collect one bag of another contestant who they want to save or disqualify. After picking up the bag the contestants had to wait at the platform for the train to honk and only then board the train. Who would each of these contestants pick? Will the game's dynamics change again keeping captaincy in mind? During the task in the garden area, a major argument was even witnessed between Sidharth and Asim. What does this lead to?




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