Captain Ali gets punished for misbehaving with Sonali !!
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  • October 28, 2014
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This morning was not as good as I felt it would be because something very disturbing happened in the house last night. Sonali was highly upset and disgusted to wake up this morning and complained about Ali. He had touched her  inappropriately last night while she was asleep. Now this news makes me fume in agitation. Ali crossed his limits behind the charade of being the captain and setting things right in the house. 


This act by the captain concerned the housemates and they all stood in unison supporting Sonali. Housemates were seen asking for an action from Big Boss against Ali or else they wouldn’t tolerate having such people in the house. Ali was seen in a position of “Kaato toh khoon nahi”, completely understanding that the situation had gone severely wrong and now was working against him. This made him realize his mistake somewhere. After sometime, Big Boss called Sonali in the confession room, asking her what happened exactly in detail.Post that Ali was given a final warning! Also to give a proper justice Ali there were certain orders given by Bigg Boss! 


What was Bigg Boss's justice? What was Ali's punishment?  Let’s watch the after-effects of this incident in tonight’s episode at 9 pm.


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