Cappuccino Blast in the house!
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  • October 30, 2012
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Sapna Bhavnani has shown a rather strange obsession with coffee in the Bigg Boss' house. While the whole house was split into two halves due to the Rajneeti task, coffee seemed to be a factor in what one could call creating a rift or dirty politics. Sapna, who was initially a part of Urvashi's party had made a plan to hide the coffee in the house in order to use it as bait to gain more votes for their party, later changed sides and shifted to Niketan's party. Reason? Well, she wanted to be with her 'bhaiya' Aseem! Much later in the night, Vrajesh, who is in Urvashi's party, steals the coffee as per the initial plan and hides it. Sapna realizes that the coffee is stolen and says – 'Hiding coffee is such a tacky idea'. Urvashi told Sapna that the tacky idea was her invention. Urvashi and her party are seen sitting in the room and bitching about Sapna's contradiction. Vrajesh looked most upset as he cannot believe how she could say something so stupid! The party members then come to a consensus and go all out and complain to the captain(Delnaaz) about her weird & intolerable behavior.

Well, seems like coffee is still a bone of contention in the Bigg Boss house.

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