Can Madhu help RK? #Madhubala 27th September
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  • September 27, 2013
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Madhu receives a call from Bittooji to come to mini theatre. Madhu reached the theatre and realises that RK is drunk.RK tells Madhu that she is born for a reason and that is to act. He asks Madhu if some super star would have asked you to act would you have?Madhu says no.Then RK asks if a husband would have asked you? Madhu thinks for a while the RK asks her not to stress as he will not ask her to do what she doesn't want to.Meanwhile Kuku informs Amar that RK is launching his film in two days. Amar with his vicious smile says if only the heroine will reach. On the Ganpati day the preparations are going on and the entire film crew is also present.Madhu overhears the conversation between Bittoo and RK and she realises that the heroine is not working and Rk doesn't want to ask her for the same.She also gets to know about RK's house is on mortgage.RK is worried but she doesn't know how to help him out.

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