Burglar in the Bigg Boss house!
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  • October 7, 2013
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After Shilpa, Andy and Tanisha were made to do 100 sit ups as a punishment for talking in English in the house, its now time for Armaan and Ratan to get punished.

Hunger struck Kushal, Gauahar and Armaan woke up late night and decided to steal the burgers which Bigg Boss had given them from the heaven side.

Asif, Armaan and Kushal slipped to the heaven side through the window which is made for the transfer of food and were just about to open the fridge to steal the burger when the alarm went off and everyone in the house woke up. Captain of the house Kamya came and warned them about the repercussions and that they won’t get any breakfast in the morning. But before the captain could implement her punishment, Bigg Boss took away all the beds of the jahannum wasis.

When they requested Bigg Boss to give at least the girls their beds, Bigg Boss announced that the girls will get their beds only if one of the boys will spend the whole night in a cage. Armaan went ahead and sat in the cage, while the girls got their beds back.

Similarly Ratan had gone to the hell side through the bars of the fence to show everyone that she can easily pass through the bars. Salman in the weekend ka wow had told Ratan that she will get punished for this by Bigg Boss as it is against the rules of the house. Bigg Boss didn’t punish her but she was punished by the captain of the house Kamya for breaking the rule. Bigg Boss gave Kamya a power to name any one member from the heaven side who will directly be nominated for elimination and Kamya took Ratan’s name for the rule she broke. 

Don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss Saath-7 today to see Armaan in the cage and Ratan getting directly nominated for eviction.




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