Boys plead Big Boss to have the Parathas!
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  • November 4, 2014
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As I got up in the morning, I went running to the house because I could smell the aroma of garma garam paraathes being cookedin the house! After figuring out for a while, I got to know that the boys, Puneet, Pritam and Gautam were making the Paraathes this morning for someone special. Who else could be more special than Big Boss! 


So, while Puneet made some lazeez paraathes, Pritam and Gautam kept doing rounds of the confession room requesting Big Boss to open the door so that they could keep a plate inside for Big Boss to taste the same.They discussed this would be written in golden letters in Big Boss history, that Big Boss tasted something cooked by the housemates!! Lol. It was hilarious when Pritam said “Big Boss aap humaara dil nahi tod sakte, aapko yeh chakh ke batana hi padega ki yeh kaisa bana hai?Humne itne pyaar se aapke liye banaya hai Big Boss please taste kariye.”


Also, one of them gave a dhamki staring at the confession room door which reads as ‘Bang Head Here’ and said “Big Boss agar aapne darwaaza nahi khola,toh main sar patakk patakk kar jaan de dunga”Jesus! Full on nautankibaaz. A bit too much though. Anyways, it was nice seeing them having a great start of the day without any fights! But, what do you think, did Big Boss taste the Parathas?(Grins)



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