Bondita leaves RC Mansion!
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • September 28, 2020
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  • 7:14 pm

Tonight on Barrister Babu, Koyeli asks Anirudh if he would meet Bondita one last time before she leaves, however, Anirudh denies. Bondita enters the study where she sees an upset and disheartened Anirudh who doesn’t agree to see her face. Helpless at the moment, she leaves from there and boards the cart. In contrast we see Anirudh leave from study to sit with Trilochan completely ignoring the fact that Bondita is just about to leave.

Going forward, Saudamini tries to play with Anirudh’s mind. She makes him feel bad and responsible for Saudamini’s condition. Later, Bondita gets down from the cart at the footsteps of the mandir. Just then a red chunnar divinely comes on to her. Is this a hint? What’s destined for Bondita and Anirudh? Back at the RC mansion, Sampurna tries to speak with Anirudh for her sister but Anirudh is still extremely angry with Bondita. Later, Bondita reaches her village and on her way home bumps into a friend who also invites Bondita to her wedding. At home, Sumati happily welcomes Bondita, but little Bondita worries about telling Sumati the reason for her comeback. What happens next?

Tune in to Barrister Babu tonight at 8:30 pm sharp!



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