Bondita has finally escaped, but is she in trouble?
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  • October 26, 2020
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Tonight on Barrister Babu, Bondita gets reminded of the idea of hiding in the tehkhana. She resorts to the same and places herself inside one of the huge trunks. A helper at some godown where Anirudh and Saurav are present arrives, handing over a letter of Tarabai to them. Saurav reads it and finds that 1000 slabs of gold sent to Tarabai have been received and that their identity as royalties has been accepted. Meanwhile, Tarabai & Suraiyya have gone gaga seeing the volume of gold. Tarabai confirms that this numaish will get them lots of wealth. Later she plans to check on Bondita. As soon as Suraiyya enters the room to dress Bondita, she learns that there is no one in the room and that Bondita has escaped. This leads to lot of chaos and eventually Tarabai learns about this too. In anger, she slaps Surraiyya and blames her for all the loopholes.

later, Anirudh makes Saurav memorize a sher that he is supposed to say on the D-day, however, he struggles badly. Bondita, on the other hand has stepped out to drink water. She is stuck outside as all of Tarabai’s men are scouting for her. Will they spot her?



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