Bihaan’s life is in grave danger, will Thapki be able to save him?
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Thapki’s love for Bihaan has faced constant battles with Dhruv’s evil strategies to keep them apart. Dhruv has even openly confronted Bihaan and told him that he cannot see him in Thapki’s life as he still has feelings for Thapki.

Dhruv is not the kind of a person to give an empty threat, even if it is towards his own brother. He tries to get him drowned but is unsuccessful at this attempt. Thapki rescues Bihaan and Dhruv is furious about this.

Thapki is well aware that Dhruv can stoop really low and decides to confront him about his next move. Dhruv has very strategically laid a deathly trap at the mandap by using wax bamboos and Thapki pushes him so that his own evil plot gets him. Bihaan is stupefied when he sees this and saves his brother. Thapki gets proven wrong in his eyes.

Post this event Bihaan’s trust from Thapki is a bit shaken up but Thapki knows about Dhruv’s ill intentions. Will Thapki save Bihaan from the danger that is approaching his life or will she fail to do so?

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