Bigg Boss10 Is Back
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  • October 13, 2016
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Finally the time has arrived when a string of episodes of Bigg Boss will become a part of our daily life. Be it a conversation over meals or the quips that we can’t get over, from voting decisions to 'drama ka dhamakedaar dose', the season is back with a bang!

We know you will not be missing out on this –all in one package but we will just give you a lowdown on-here’s why you have to see this season…


1. Commoners Aur Celebrities Ka Dual Dhamaka

For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss the commoners will rub their shoulders with celebrities on the same platform to compete for the coveted trophy of Bigg Boss. It will be an excitingly interesting season, where we will get to see both the parties not only interact but also pull off the tasks in the house.

We told you this season will be unlike any other!

The ‘dwaar to stardom will soon be open’.


2. Bhaijaan

C’mon, let’s agree upon this on with his filmy nods. Our living rooms are going to be echoing with his words, and his antics are going to be a big treat this festive season. 'Salman-SuperCool-Khan' will not only just keep us hooked for the entire season but also for the first time host this season that is loaded with a new twist. It will be really interesting to see him interact with both the masses and the classes.






3. Entertainment Ka Baap

Hell yes! There is no shying away from the fact that Bigg Boss is truly the king of entertainment. When it comes to the kind of participants to the kinds of challenges in the show, everything makes Bigg Boss the perfect bhel for unflinching appetite for entertainment. Severed in bigger and better portions each time. Dish awaited!


4. Tasks With A Twist

A house with rules. A house with captain. A house with a crazy line up of  housemates and most of all, a house with so many twists in the plot and turns in the task, that we could sooner or later compile it into a complicated dance routine. Well, who said it will be easy? We only deal with ‘it’s going to be worth it’! Time to throw away the shades with the 'anti-drama-glare'!

And last but not the least





5. It is BIGG BOSS! We are catchy and we know it!

Grab yourself a first class seat on Oct 16 at 9PM!

Offer limited till the season lasts!

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