Bigg Boss ne bana di Jodi!, BB-7 Day 64 Synopsis
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Two months have passed and the housemates are becoming increasingly stressed with the game. Ajaz claims that he wants to quit Bigg Boss and walk off since he cannot handle the pressure. To comfort him, Elli tells him that everyone likes him because he’s an entertainer.

In order to further mend ways, Andy hugs Kamya and says that he wants to be friends like before. Kamya is pleased to hear this. Making up for lost time, Andy tells her that he is finding it difficult to survive inside the Bigg Boss house. Kamya tells Andy to be patient since the show will reach its Grand Finale in about five weeks.

In the garden area, Armaan and Tanisha are seen talking about nominations. Armaan states his dislike for Sofia while Tanishaa speaks about Gauahar.  Armaan further calls Sofia and warns her to stop spoiling his image and maintain a safe distance from him because he is desperate to change his image.

Later, Gauahar and Ajaz speak about their image which is being portrayed in the outside world. While Ajaz tells Gauahar that she is gorgeous and that people love her, Gauahar appears to be worried about the extent of damage she might have caused to herself.

Later, while Gauahar is playing with the baby that was gifted to Ajaz during the Children’s day task, she finds out that it’s a cry baby and feels excited. Andy tries to steal it and Kamya jumps on it to protect the baby and funny scenes could be seen as all contestants roll on the bed to steal it and play. 

As the day progressed, Bigg Boss announced the ‘Hatkadi’ task which took a hilarious turn when contestants with conflicting views were handcuffed together with Kamya overlooking the task. While performing the task, Ajaz finds out that Armaan has been spreading negative rumours about him. In the midst of this all, Bigg Boss makes an announcement regarding the nominations for the week. The contestants are required to enter the confession room handcuffed with their respective partners and nominate three people in conformity with each other.

After the nominations are done, Ajaz tries to confront Armaan only to be asked to bring forth the person who claims that Armaan has been speaking ill about Ajaz. At this , Ajaz asks Sofia to join him in sitting down with Armaan so that all doubts can be cleared. Armaan mentions to Ajaz that Sofia has been trying to create rifts among other contestants as well. Angered by this, Ajaz decides to join forces with Armaan and teach Sofia a lesson by taking revenge.

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