Bigg Boss’ Maha swap
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  • October 3, 2013
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  • 4:42 pm

Bigg Boss has thrown another surprise to the housemates. Everyone except Shilpa and Elli has been swapped. 

This ‘Maha tabadla’ will happen today. Shilpa has been kept in Jannat for performing well in the luxury budget task and Elli will stay in Jahannum because she refused to do the task.

This tabadla also gets Shilpa and Apurva together. On the other side Elli will be separated from her friend cum student Sangram who will now be in Jannat. Though she has found a new friend in Asif who she has already started bonding over long chats. On the Jannat side Shilpa, Apurva, Ratan and Pratyusha have become like one big group. So looks like some equations are changing and some new bonds being formed.


Catch Bigg Boss at 9pm to know what happens next.


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