Bigg Boss: Jail ki baari kiski?
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  • November 3, 2016
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If nominations weren’t enough to create chaos in the life of the Bigg Boss contestants, the mandatory jail visit creates another ‘duvidha’ for them.






Swami Om and Monalisa who have been the prior jail residents on the show, did create a lot of hullaballoo about their teammates always targeting for this activity. Surely the jail is not any place of luxury but task toh task hai and task ko shatir dimaagon ki talash hai.




Bigg Boss asks the teams to pick a team member who will visit the jail. The discussion process amongst the Indiawale sees a new name cropping up and it is Nitibha Kaul. We wonder is this her punishment for playing the silent doll all this while? It will be interesting to listen to their reasons for picking the Kashmiri beauty for this punishment. Nitibha, what would you like to say in your defense?


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On the other hand the Celebrities hit the analytics with deep intensity. Pun totally intended. We still see them marking Monalisa as their choice. However Monalisa is too upset about this entire thing and ends up venting it out to her team mates and even the Indiawale. Will Mona still be the one to go to jail or will there be another member greeting the 'saalakhein' this time?


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Dekhiye aaj ki taaza khabar mein, kiski baari hai Jail ki on Bigg Boss. By invitation only. Tune in at 10.30PM!

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