Bigg Boss housemates to rank themselves on the scale of 1 to 6!
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  • January 1, 2018
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As the finale of this season is getting closer day by day, the vigor and enthusiasm to win is getting intense for each housemate.





Tonight’s nomination will determine who would be the ones walking in the finale week of Bigg Boss 11.


Bigg Boss asks the housemates to mutually decide amongst themselves on who deserves to be on what rank on a scale of 1 to 6.





Firstly Akash is seen telling everyone that since he has been the most entertaining of all he should be on no.1, Hina and few others feel Akash isn’t apt to be on no.1 position.


Vikas goes on to say that Shilpa should be on no.1 because her journey on the show has been very beautiful. Shilpa couldn’t be more pleased on knowing this, but she says she sees herself either on 1, 2 or 3. Puneesh and Akash show their disagreement towards Vikas.





Hina says she sees herself of no.1 as she has been good at everything on the show. Puneesh says he doesn’t see himself on the last three at all.


Shilpa says there shouldn’t be any disagreements but they all should decide things amicably. Puneesh and Luv also start bringing up Hina and Shilpa’s celebrity status which the ladies ask to refrain from bringing in between.





As the discussion starts getting intense, there seem more disagreements amongst the housemates. Will they be able to come to a final decision?

Watch tonight.

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