Bigg Boss housemates struggle hard to become one of the claimants for ‘Ticket To Finale’.
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At this stage who wouldn’t want to be a claimant for ‘Ticket To Finale’? With the current task in picture every housemate wants to win this at any cost!





Everyone gets into planning on how to play this decisive game. Vikas and Hina separately plan to pick each other’s bags during the second round of the task.





Akash asks Puneesh if he is on his side in the game, Puneesh nods saying a yes but is later seen talking to Luv saying if he would have said a no then Akash would have gone crazy. The two secretly plan on whose bags they will pick.





During the task Luv is seen fidgeting with Akash’s bag which is on Vikas’s back. Vikas gets annoyed and shouts at him saying if he continues doing it then everyone will target Luv’s bag. Vikas also says whoever starts this will be attacked first.


After the round ends, Akash goes to Luv in order to figure whose bag he would take next. He is then seen sharing his thoughts on what might come up during the game.





In the next round Akash and Shilpa get into an argument after the latter tries opening Akash’s bag having Hina’s name on it. In the meanwhile Luv tries emptying Akash’s bag on Hina’s back.



A lot happens over this game! Wouldn’t you want to see till the end?

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