Bigg Boss housemates’ performances would decide whether they would get to meet their family members or friends.
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The ‘Ghar Aaye Gharwaale’ task clearly declares that every housemate will be in a competition with his/her co-housemates throughout. There will be one challenge after the other given to the housemates in order to please their neighbors.





The first round of competition is to cook and every housemate enthusiastically plunges into cooking. They cook individually something which they feel the padosis will like.



The food finally arrives at the doorstep of the padosis and they taste one dish after the other.


The padosis are seen discussing amongst themselves after tasting the dishes. Bigg Boss then asks the neighbors to mutually decide amongst themselves whose dish they found the best out of the rest. Vikas’s mother even goes on to say that everyone took great efforts to cook and all from heart.





Shilpa’s brother then finally declares what conclusion have the padosis come to! The housemates watch them all on-screen as the announcement is made.





Which gharwala you think will win in this?


Watch tonight!

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