Bigg Boss housemates come up with their own strategies to win captaincy!
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  • December 5, 2017
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Although the tasks as baby sitters look a lot of fun in the Bigg Boss house, there is much more going within.





The housemates come up with their strategies to win this time’s captaincy. Everyone is on guard as the finale will soon be close. Every housemate wants to be immune of eviction. Some of them are even heard discussing how one out of Priyank and Akash should be out of the task.





Arshi says she surely wants to be a captain this time. Priyank on the other hand reaches out to Luv and tries convincing to make him the captain. Vikas has another thought, as he advices Puneesh that he should aim of becoming a captain or let Hina become the captain.





In the meanwhile Luv expresses in front of Vikas how badly he needs captaincy but Vikas tries to make him understand that it would be difficult for Luv this time to become the captain also that nothing is in his hands.





All said and done, but can we guess who will defeat the rest in this game and win? For sure someone whose determination is as strong as a rock!

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