Bigg Boss housemates come up with fun ideas in order to distract the one sitting inside the nomination dome.
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  • December 25, 2017
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This particular task seems lighter than other tasks performed by the Bigg Boss housemates previously, however it isn’t easy at all!





Bigg Boss announces that Puneesh will be the first one to enter the nomination dome. Housemates come up with various ways so that he gets distracted and misses out on the correct time judgment.



Then come other housemates one after the other. They face distractions such as sprays being put on them, or having been asked to have fruits, some crack jokes the others shout and bang the dome from the outside.





Other housemates try their level best so that the one inside isn’t able to concentrate.



Who do you still think will be able to nail it? Who do you think will show that he/she has the best focus in the Bigg Boss house?

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