Bigg Boss house turns into a battleground
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When the housemates mates wake up to the song Khooni Monday, they are completely unaware of what’s coming their way this week as a part of luxury budget task. Early in the morning, the housemates get the task letter and Gauahar is asked to read it out in front of the housemates.

According to the task,the housemates have to get into the role of a commando and protect Mount Bigg Boss from the enemy. The garden area is entirely changed into a battle ground and the housemates have to come out of their comfort zone and the luxurious life style they have been leading so far. The housemates are prohibited from entering the house and are restricted to the garden area for all their needs- be it cooking, eating or sleeping.

Elli is asked to be the General of the Army and regulate all the commandos who have to stay united. They are provided shields with the help of which they have to protect the co-commandos and the Mount Bigg Boss from getting attacked by the enemy. In addition to this, they are also entrusted with the task of protecting the General at all times and the commando who is on the treadmill placed besides the mountain. 

After the housemates gear up for the task wearing army suits, Ellie is asked to conduct a drill and repeat it at least twice a day. While, conducting the first drill, Elli comes across as a strict person and starts behaving tough with the commandos. Ellie warns Ajaz to protect her all the time and appoints him to be her bodyguard. 

Later in the day, the enemy makes the first attack and fires at them.

Andy, who is at the forefront, is not able to cope up with the attack and Sangram along with Armaan take over to protect the Mount Bigg Boss and Tanisha who is on the treadmill. After everything calms down, Elli punishes Tanisha and Andy for not taking the task seriously. She pretends to hit them with the stick. Later Elli also punishes Ajaz for not guarding her properly. 

Before the commandos could recover from the first attack, they have to face a terrorist who is seen entering their territory by climbing up the walls of the house. They throw water balloons at them and Sangram and Armaan dodge them with the help of their shield and also protecting the mountain. Ajaz gets injured during the war as he gets hit with maximum balloons. Ellie feels proud that her team was fearless and could tackle the attack.

During thr course of the day, Elli is not able to live up to her duty of being the General and gets dismissed by Bigg Boss. Further, the housemates are asked to elect a new General amongst them and they choose Kamya as their new General. Elli is asked to hand over the cap and stick to Kamya who takes over the General’s post and conducts her first drill. 

The commandos are faced with another terrorist attack where they are targeted with a laser gun. During the course of the war Kamya goes absconding from the battlefield.  The housemates soon realise this and come to know that she has been kidnapped by the enemy. They see her on the TV as she is kept in an isolated room handcuffed.

The kidnappers demand for the bedding, stove and shields in return. The housemates get into an intense discussion and also try to negotiate with the kidnappers in order to release Kamya. But they are unknown of the fact that Kamya has been released from the isolated room and is kept in the bedroom. The housemates further rest in the garden area and await Kamya’s return. 

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