Bigg Boss’ House got Talent!
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  • October 18, 2014
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Now talking of the nightingale in the house, any guesses doston? Yes! that is none other than our delicate darling Sushi who can hum in both male and female voices, quite impressive isn’t it ! ! Also we have our sweet little Mini who can whistle incredibly well 🙂 *whistles to that  too *.


It's entertaining to see the housemates in the best of mood having fun and sharing great exchange of gesture. I've also observed that singing and dancing’ the favorite pass time of all the contestants this season.



The evening when it started raining my binoculars zoomed in to capture Minissha and Arya  shaking legs and singing in the garden area seeing to that the other inmates couldn’t resist and joined in too, later all of them jumped into the pool . Splash!! …“Aaachhoooo!!! “God save them from zukaam!  Well that’s what we all should do right? To release all the dukhs and dards… And now  I feel like doing tap dance ..ehehe.



 Keep watching for more!



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