Bigg Boss Day 75 : It is so funny how Keith became a victim of the new task!
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  • December 25, 2015
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One thing that never leaves the Bigg Boss house is the humor and energy of some of the housemates. But this time around Bigg Boss showed the housemates that he is not a back tracker when it comes to playing pranks. 

Bigg Boss made an announcement instructing Keith to pause. And the message was clear to the housemates. While Keith was frozen in the moment, Prince came to him and pulled down his pants. Suyyash climbed on and started kissing him. And even his very own girlfriend Rochelle took advantage of the moment and started tickling him. If that was not enough, Prince also puta a mirchi in his mouth. Ouch! Poor Keith had to tolerate all their pranks and stand quietly there. Then Bigg Boss decided that the poor guy had experienced enough so he put him back on play mode.

So now how will Keith take his revenge from the mastikhor housemates? Whatever happens, one thing is guaranteed and that is fun!

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