Bigg Boss Day 74 : Rishabh fights back in action and Mandana hurls abuses!
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  • December 24, 2015
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So Bigg Boss decided to control the house with his ‘Fast Forward. Rewind’ task. Everything in the house after that was either going to fast forward or in fast reversal. During this while all the housemates were in the hurry-burry chaos, someone decided to have fun but it didn’t end well for them.

During the task, just for fun’s sake, Mandana threw an orange at Rishabh. Obviously it was a light throw. But it seemed like Rishabh couldn’t take a joke and lashed out by throwing it back on Mandana as hardly as he could. It hit Manadana in her back and she was surprised at this. She shouted back on Rishabh and even the other housemates asked him the reason for such a behavior. All he said was that he did not want to be a party of her jokes. That’s quite rude from his side. But, Mandana wasn't forgiving either, she hurled some explicit and abusive words at him. What's with Mandana? Why does she always decide when others could joke and when they couldn't? I can't seem to understand this woman! 

So how will this affect the task? Will Rishabh apologize?

Find out on the next episode.

Bigg Bogg Khabri

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