Bigg Boss changes the game!
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Soon after Santosh leaves the house, his Padosi house contestants are seen sulking over his exit. Vishal, Imam and Aashka are seen sulking in three different corners of the house. Karishma is seen talking to Vishal telling him that Sana might be his favorite, but she is a friend too and that Vishal can talk to her and feel better. Just after Vishal’s conversation ends with Karishma, he is seen sitting in the kitchen area talking to Sana, who is talking about Karishma. Vishal pays no attention to her and tries to change the topic by getting up and walking away.  

In the night, Bigg Boss announces Urvashi’s secret task and that she is safe. The entire house congratulates Urvashi and Rajev and Niketan are seen making up with her. As the day ends, Aashka is seen crying sitting on her bed talking to Delnaaz and tells her that Urvashi’s patch up with her was just a task and nothing else and that it was not needed for her to patch Delnaaz and Urvashi up. 

The next day begins with a clash between Imam and the other housemates. As the housemates are seen settling down, Bigg Boss announces a twist that will be witnessed in the Bigg Boss house for the very first time. Bigg Boss gives the housemates half an hour’s time to discuss nominations. Soon, the housemates are seen breaking up into groups and discussing about the nominations. Within half an hour, everyone settles down and Bigg Boss asks Delnaz to voice her nominations in the living area in front of everyone while all the other contestants are called into the confession room one after the other and soon Bigg Boss announce the results.

In the evening, Sapna and Karishma are seen talking to Rajev, when Sapna is seen asking Rajev if he and Sana are back together as friends. Rajev tells her that the two still hold certain differences and have not patched up as of yet. As the day passes, Sana and Rajev are seen resolving their differences and patching up. 

Post the nomination result announcement, Imam argues with Delnaaz in the garden area over the nominations, his concern being Delnaaz nominating him for evictions even when he voted for her and made the captain. Delnaaz tried explaining her point of view, but Imam paid a deaf ear and continued ranting about it over and over.

In the evening, Bigg Boss gives the housemates a puppet task, where a few housemates are made the puppeteers and have to narrate the story of other housemates with the help of their co-contestants who are puppets. Imam and Delnaaz narrate Sapna’s story in the house, while Sana and Aashka along with Niketan and Vishal narrate Delnaaz and Rajev’s story. The entire house is seen rolling with laughter post the task.

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