Bigg Boss Awards Night! BB-7 Day 61 Synopsis
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On the occasion of Children’s day, the housemates wake up to the song ‘Chota Bacha’ and further in the day, Bigg boss announces a role play task where Ajaz is asked to play a naughty kid while Armaan and Sofia play his parents. Ajaz got a cycle to ride on and few toys to play with. He starts addressing everybody by calling them uncle-aunty and is running around in the house behaving like a tiny tot. The housemates are quite amused with Ajaz’s antics as they watch him cry over milk and play with a doll. Armaan is trying to handle him while Sofia is busy with her make-up. 


Day 61 SynopsisAndy also starts playing along and starts behaving like a kid and starts muddling with Ajaz’s doll and even throws it on the floor. Ajaz starts crying while Armaan and Sofia try to console him.  Later in the day, while Andy and Sofia are busy with cooking, they are seen teasing Armaan over the task. However, there is a miscommunication between them that leads to an argument and Armaan refuses to continue with the task. Kamya and Gauahar tell Sofia and Andy that they have misquoted Armaan this time as he is not at fault. Sofia apologises to Armaan and asks him to continue with the task but during their conversation, he happens to use offensive words for Andy. Sofia describes her conversation with Armaan to Andy and he expresses his displeasure to Sangram and tells him that he is being dragged into the conversation for no reason. Andy also feels that Sangram being his close friend did not stand up for him while he was being ill- treated by Armaan. Sangram tries to pacifiy Andy but all in vain.
Later in the day, Bigg Boss calls Sofia and Ajaz in the confession room and informs that the task has come to an end. Also, he asks them to suggest two names for the next captaincy. While Ajaz mentions Pratyusha, Sofia suggests Andy’s name. Further, open nominations take place where the housemates are asked to choose their captain between Pratyusha and Ajaz. 

In the evening, Bigg Boss surprises everybody by making an announcement of the Bigg Boss awards nights. Before commencing with the distribution of awards, Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to fill a questionnaire in the confession room and place it inside the envelope with their respective names. The awards are based on the peculiar personality traits that the housemates possess and are well known for. The housemates get dressed and assemble in the activity area and wait for the show to begin.Day 61 SynopsisKamya takes over the stage as the host of the evening.  One by one she calls out the nominations followed by the names of the winner who would receive a trophy. While Andy received awards for Sabse Batuni and Dogla Sadasya, Armaan also joined the race and bagged two awards- Sabse Garam and Sabse Gaddar Sadasya. Ajaz got an award for being the Most Bevakoof Sadasya, Sofia got the Rotlu Award and Elli and Pratyusha receive award for the Most Nikamma Sadasya. 

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