Bigg Boss 9,Day 67: Chaos in the captaincy task!
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  • December 17, 2015
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As I told you this week’s captain will be decided on the basis of the task performed by the housemates for their contenders. They will have to pick a contender and hold on to their balloons to support them.

However, there was a big surprise in this task. Shockingly, Priya supported Prince in the task. This was a shock to Rishabh, the other housemates and every other human being who watches Bigg Boss 9 because we all know how much she hates Prince. Rishabh becomes angry and asks her why she is doing this.

She says that she wants to take revenge from Prince because Prince irritated her, when she was the captain. Rishabh couldn’t take this and gave her a sarcastic salute. Apart from this Gizele cried foul too. She accused the Sanchalak, Keith, of being partial and she suggested that he was supporting Prince’s group. She even cried in front of the camera and told Bigg Boss that it wasn’t fair. Later she went in with Mandana and Mandana told her that she has realised this very late.

Will this chaotic task divide Rishabh and Priya forever? Find out during the next episode!

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