Bigg Boss 9, Synopsis Day 33: Household chores continue to be the focal point of discussion in the Bigg Boss house!
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After having an eventful Diwali evening, the housemates wake up with a festive hangover to the song ‘Rang De Basanti’. Feeling energetic and pumped up, they are all set to face another challenging day. Mandana and Rochelle have created their own little world and are seen discussing last night’s performances. Rochelle says that she did not like the fact that her performance drew criticism when she was least expecting it. Mandana tells her that she has become an object of ridicule inside the house and she does not like it either. On the breakfast table, Rishabh’s protective side comes out when he advices Digangana to not interfere in Mandana and Rochelle’s matter. He also tells Digangana that it is high time she starts taking a stand for herself and not get dragged into pointless matters.

Later in the day, Rishabh is seen displaying his leadership skills by delegating household chores to the housemates. He assigns Mandana the job of setting the bedroom and cleaning the carpet. But as stubborn as a mule, Mandana shuns the work citing a back pain. She further adds that if she misplaces anything by mistake while cleaning the beds, it will lead to unnecessary fights. As the day progresses, captaincy task is announced when Bigg Boss asks the contestants to come forward and elect themselves as the next captain of the house. Prince, Rochelle and Suyyash make it to the confession room first and are announced to be in the race of captaincy this week.

While having a casual conversation with Suyyash and gang, Rishabh says that Mandana is refusing to work because she finds cleaning and mopping degrading. Prince agrees and says that she was the one to find his faults during the hotel task and now she is being inefficient in keeping the house clean. Tired of this blame game, Mandana revolts once again and removes her mic. She tells Bigg Boss that if this is what she is required to do to have a conversation with him, then she is game for it and will not wear it until the issue is resolved.

In the evening, the housemates get into Sherlock Holmes mode to solve the mystery of the missing chocolates. Kishwer is quick to put the blame on Rishabh. In defence, Rishabh says that he did not steal them and put the blame on Prince instead. Soon after, Bigg Boss asks everyone to assemble in the garden area for the captaincy task. In order to win the task, the contenders Prince, Rochelle and Suyyash are required to protect themselves from getting painted by the other housemates with the help of a shield. While the other housemates paint their t-shirts with a sponge placed on a stick, they have to stay inside a circle. As a rule, crossing the line would lead to disqualification. The housemates have a gala time performing the task and placing colours on each other.

The day comes to an end with another task when Puneet forcefully splashes water on Rishabh’s face leaving him agitated. While Puneet apologises Rishabh a zillion times, Rishabh pays no heed and walks off.

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