Bigg Boss 9, Synopsis Day 30: It’s time for some ‘peddling’ and ‘meddling’ in Bigg Boss Nau!
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Waking up to ‘Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke’ everyone was in a cheerful mood for having survived for almost a month inside the Bigg Boss house. Soon after, Rishabh tells Digangana not to consider anyone as her friend in the house and wants her to stop being miss goody two shoes. On the breakfast table, everyone is seen teasing Digangana for having a soft corner for Rishabh and also fondly name their Jodi as ‘Degree (Digri)’. Although Digangana denies having any sort of feelings for Rishabh, she is unable to hide the smile on her face whenever there is a conversation about Rishabh.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss introduces a task named as ‘Highway’. The contestants are divided into two groups- team A consisting of Mandana, Rochelle, Digangana, Aman and Rishabh while Team B has Kishwer, Suyyash, Prince, Rimi and Puneet). According to the task, when one team is sitting on the cycle rickshaw and peddling through 4 cities, the other team has to put in efforts to get the members off the cycle rickshaw. After reaching a destination, both the teams have to complete with each other for another task and then resume cycling. Team B is the first one to start cycling while team A leaves no stone unturned to distract and irritate them to give up. They try various tactics like throwing cold water, oil, chilli powder, and waste from the garbage bin to bother team A contestants. But team B remains unaffected and determined and stays on the cycle rickshaw. Rimi surprises everyone by actively doing the task while others try to bother her by hiding her favorite makeup pouch.

As the task progresses, the contestants get into multiple fights in the course of the task. Suyyash, Prince and Rishabh get into an argument over touching other teammates and breaking the rules. Mandana tries her best to irritate and provoke Puneet and also irritates Kishwer by wearing her clothes. To get back at her, Kishwer retaliates by wearing Mandana’s pants and the brawl ultimately turns into a catfight.  

Early in the evening, team B reach their first destination that is Kochi where they have to perform another task. Both the teams are required to make a human chain and pass on raw fish by holding it in their mouth. After completing the task, Team B gets back on the cycle rickshaw while Team A continues to pull them down. Later, when Team B reaches their second destination Surat, Mandana and Suyyash are pitted against each other in a dhokla eating competition. Further continuing the task, Mandana and Rochelle decide to target Rimi and irritate her to leave the rickshaw. Mandana is upset with Rishabh for not supporting her and decides to give up the task. Meanwhile, Team B reaches their third destination which is Jalandhar where there is a kabaddi match between Suyyash, Aman and Rishabh. As the task continues throughout the night, it will be interesting to see if Team A succeeds in breaking Team B’s morale and become the winners of the task.

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