Bigg Boss 9 Synopsis Day 12: A big change is just a quick decision away!
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As the week is approaching its end, Arvind is going through a personality makeover while slowly stepping out of his shell and learning to become more expressive. After lights out, Vikas is seen speaking about Rimi and how she chooses to stay aloof at various occasions when other housemates are bonding with each other. Next morning, the house wakes up to the song ‘Chin ta ta ta‘clearly explaining how the game is getting intense day by day. Keith speaks to Rochelle about getting dragged into the nominations despite of not having an issue with anyone. On the other hand, Roopal appeals to Bigg Boss to change her partner because she can’t adjust with Digangana and her sluggish nature anymore.

During the course of the day, Bigg Boss leaves the contestants astonished by introducing ‘Double Trouble’ room. Bigg Boss asks Aman & Kishwar to enter two sound proof booths to test their decision making power that can directly or indirectly change the dynamics of the entire house. They are given three options and are asked to announce their decision by pressing the buzzer. Their options below:

If one of them presses the buzzer, the whole house will be bandhan mukt,

If both press the buzzer, Aman and Kishwer will get into the bandhan

If none of them press the buzzer, they will get into the bandhan along with another jodi but the rest of the house will be freed of the bandhan.

Hence their decision will change the fate of every contestant in the house. The entire house is waiting in anticipation to know about Aman and Kishwer’s decision.

Captaincy comes along with a catch 22 situation where Kishwer is given a task to tag various members of the house.  Kishwer is asked to give tags like ‘rule breaker’, ‘unhygenic’, ‘boring’ and so on to the housemates. After contemplating a lot, Kishwer finally opens up and gives ‘Rule breaker’ tag to Rochelle, ‘Boring’ to Arvind, ‘Unhygienic’ to Aman, ‘Kaam Chor’ to Vikas, ‘Fake’ to Mandana and ‘Entertainer’ to Prince. Everyone is happy to receive such quirky tags from Kishwer except Mandana who looks disappointed and unhappy.

The day finally comes to an end with Bigg Boss introducing a selfie task where the contestants are divided into two teams. According to the task rules, each team is asked to click selfies in different parts of the house while other team is asked to distract them from doing so. Excited to click selfies, the housemates go on a photo bombing spree and try to complete the task in the given time. But as the task progresses, the fun and enjoyment slowly turns into ugly fights and arguments. This task comes to an end further creating cracks in the recently formed bonds.

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