Bigg Boss 9 Exclusive: Five times people went epic guessing the possible Double Trouble Ever!
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Recently, Salman Khan’s TV promo of the latest season of Bigg Boss premiered on  Colors TV. It has been doing rounds over the internet and has been the talk of the town. Bhai gave word to his audience saying, “It’s going to be wow.” “Yahan ek karega dusre ko trouble because 1+1 is double, double, double! You want to know how? Watch Bigg Boss now because its going to be wow!” 

Bigg Boss fanatics have gone berserk guessing the theme Double Trouble. Here are the top five for you!


The most exciting guess on Double Trouble is the pairing of ex couples. As we all know relationships tend to get awkward post break-up, thus people are anticipating ex partners living it together in the house. It could gain the highest TRP’s and make the situation worst or maybe even patch them up together. As we all know, love dwindles in the house and is the favourite of the audience. Well, *Slow Clap* for those who guessed this one!


How about seeing brother sister dwelling in the most controversial house of television? Yes people anticipated the contestants will be siblings who would find place in the house. In fact, if the said pairing goes on to win the season, the money enters the same household! Interesting, isn’t it? We wish we had come up with this idea before you! 

Best Friends

For some reason, we failed to understand why this pairing took the third spot because gossip tops the lists for our Indian audience. Who doesn’t want to listen to some little inside khabar while watching such a popular show?! What better pairing than friends. But isn’t the show also about fights and arguments? …And you thought you could beat Bigg Boss!

Divorced Couple

In the earlier season, a divorced couple did enter the Bigg Boss house. Can you recollect? Delnaz and Rajeev Paul. Although, their stay inside the house wasn’t masala, the fact that some news did the rounds was enough to keep the fans talking. Will there be another pairing like this? Bigg Boss doesn't repeat the game! Aisa dobaara mat sochna! 

Rival Actors

Since gossip and fights are all that one can think of when it comes to Bigg Boss, audience too expects rival TV actors to be thrown together. Rivalry does bring out fights, creating more tension but also keeps the audience glued to the sofa sets for that 1 hour. But we do not promote violence, we just impart lessons! 

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